Taking a road trip in this week’s Hackerspace Open Thread

By Snacktastic Part II: the Snack Awakens on Hackerspace, shared by Andy Orin to Lifehacker

Hello Hackerspace! I feel like I’ve been so not present lately because I’ve been vacationing hard! Given that I’ve been vacationing, I realized that I should make the weekly theme something vacation related! This week, I declare it to be: How to have a successful car trip! It’s truly an art. I think you should bring some nice easy to eat healthy protein snacks, lots of coffee and plenty of podcasts to keep yourself entertained. Oh and never travel in major cities during rush hour. I’ll be going to New Brunswick, Canada this weekend, so no major cities but still, it’s a long ride without a lot of landmarks. What should I do?

Source:: Lifehacker